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A diagram outlining the lifecycle of Marvel & Snap's Managed Web Services

Our services are easier, faster,and more cost-effective too.

There’s no magic formula to how we work with you on a day-to-day basis. We don’t apply rigid processes or methodologies that you need to follow. Our primary objective is to create a streamlined workflow that allows us to work with you as though we were in the cubicle next to you.

Very quick response timesMost requests take < 1 hour

Fixed monthly pricingFixed monthly rate, not hourly
Monthly timesheetsDetailed monthly timesheets
Unused hours get rolled overUnused hours get rolled over

Outsourcing your web services frees you up to focus on marketing priorities

Focus on your marketing priorities.Leave the web stuff to us.

As marketers and web technology experts ourselves, we get the challenges you’re faced with. You want a world-class website, but time, resources and budget constraints make it hard to accomplish what you envision. We understand your unique needs and that you must still do the best you can, as easily, rapidly and cost-effectively as possible.

Web design and web developmentWeb Design & Development

Email marketing and campaignsEmail Marketing
Google analytics and weekly snapshot reportsAnalytics & Reports
Web hosting with PantheonEnterprise-class Web Hosting

Outsourcing saves time, money and enhances your workflow

This is why Marvel & Snapis the right fit for you.

Our team helps speed up your workflow, enhances your design process, and saves you costly salaries of full-time web designers and developers. Our services allow you to focus on all your other marketing priorities.

Fast and efficient give quicker response timesFast and efficient

Expert web designers and developersExpert designers and developers
SEO, social media and web strategy supportSEO, social and strategy support
Contact us by phone, email or on TwitterAlways available by email or phone

Logos of some of Marvel & Snap's clients, including Export Development Canada, Solacom, FileFacets, Pentathlon Canada, Martello Technologies, Renewity RMA, Badminton Canada, and InGenius.

We’re web specialists,so you don’t have to be.

Marvel & Snap has been helping both large and small companies manage their online presence since 2008. From sizable enterprises to growing start-up companies to national sports organizations, most of our customers have been with us for more than 5 years… and counting!

Are you ready to increase the performance of your web presence?

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