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Articles, faqs and case studies

Articles, FAQs and Case Studies

Get in-depth information on our Managed Web Services, get answers to your frequently asked questions, and hear customers tell their success stories.

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the question or answer you’re looking for? Contact us to speak to someone directly.

Where are you located?
Marvel & Snap
555 Legget Drive, Tower A, Suite 304
Kanata, Ontario K2K 2X3
What is your work schedule?
Our regular business hours are from 9 am to 5 pm Eastern Time – Monday to Friday.
How can I contact you?
Our preferred method is by email; this is how we keep track of all our support requests. But you can always give us a call if you have questions or just want to chat. We’re also available for face-to-face meetings.
What do I do when I want you to update my website?
The process is very simple. Send us an email with details on what you want updated and we’ll take care of it.
What is the best way to send you notes/instructions?
If there are a lot of details, notes or instructions to your request, you may want to put it all in a Word document and include that in your email.
Can I call you to explain the changes I want to make?
We absolutely encourage you to call us at any time to discuss your requirements, to ask questions or just to brainstorm. We love a good brainstorming session!
What is your response time?
In most cases, we are able to complete your request in less than 1 hour. However, our official response times depend on the package you choose. See our pricing page for more information.
Do you have a guaranteed turnaround time?
In most cases we’re able to address each request within 1 hour, but it all depends on the complexity of your request. For that reason, we do have guaranteed response times, but we do not guarantee turnaround/completion times.
I have an emergency update! Can I get it done quickly?
We always try to address your request as quickly as possible; however, the speed of the work all depends on the complexity of the request itself. The best thing to do in an emergency is jump on a call with us to discuss in detail.
What happens if I don’t use all my hours in a given month?
No problem, you don’t lose your hours. For all Professional and Enterprise customers, your hours will automatically get rolled over to the following month. Up to a maximum of 5x your monthly hours. Unused hours are calculated based on your current package. For example, if you are on the Professional 20 plan with 60 unused hours and you downgrade to the Professional 10 plan, you’re unused hours will be reduced to 50 hours (5x your current monthly hours).
Are upfront payments required?
Yes. We invoice our clients on the first day of every month for that given month.
Do you provide website hosting?
Yes, we absolutely do! We are partnered with Pantheon to provide the most comprehensive and robust WordPress and Drupal hosting platforms in the industry.
What kind of web analytics do you use?
Every website we work with is integrated with Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. We also use leading WordPress plugins for capturing form data.
Can I include you in our marketing meetings?
Nothing would make us happier! We can call into a conference call or, if your office is in the Ottawa or Montreal regions, we can come see you in person.
Can you help with writing content?
We are not content writers, but we do work with some very good freelancers. The best thing would be to give us a call and we can discuss what your specific needs are.
Can you help us send email campaigns?
We sure can! In fact, it’s one of our core services. We can design it, create it, and send it! We can also integrate a variety of email systems (i.e. MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc.) into your website to help grow your subscriber list!

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