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Resources: Why Your Marketing Team Should Choose Managed Web Services

Why Your Business or Marketing Team Should Choose Managed Web Services

As a business owner, CMO, or marketer, you are inundated on a daily basis with ever-changing information on the latest web marketing strategies and applications available to you. Each promises to help your business grow. You have read about the benefits of email campaigns, detailed analytics of a customer’s engagement with web content and increased website responsiveness. You realize you should use more strategies for increasing SEO, vehicles for content-rich web marketing, enterprise-class managed hosting and more – the list goes on and on…. Why then, haven’t you developed a strategy to implement or improve upon your web presence and applications? Chances are you are overwhelmed and confused by all the options or you are focused on the other extensive daily tasks that your position requires. To help manage the chaos, with good sense, many businesses and marketing teams are turning to managed web services. By choosing experts to handle all things web, marketers can get back to the business of marketing.

In this article, we will share the top five reasons why you should choose managed web services.

Managed web services are cost-effective

When you employ a web services and development company that functions using an ongoing and scalable model, you are able to predict a monthly budget for as-needed services. You may go over allotted hours, but the choice to do so is yours. You control the budget and scope of your project. Choose a web services company that allows you to roll over your unused hours month-to-month to maximize the potential for your available budget.

Graph showing costs going down as support time increases

Hiring dedicated in-house web expertise for your company is not always an option or the most cost-effective one. To cover all the web skills needed to run your marketing program, you may have to hire additional people, resulting in multiple full-time salaries. It also requires time and budget to find, hire and train the right talent. Established web services companies already have a plethora of expertise that cover all imaginable web needs. This expertise saves your company time, effort and money, and you don’t end up with employees that sit idle when web services are not needed.

Managed web services are efficient

When there are clearly delineated roles – with marketers focused on marketing and a web services company focused on web needs – everyone works more efficiently. For example, developers build, maintain and optimize an industry-leading website that caters specifically to the marketing team’s needs. The marketers focus on using these now readily-available resources to market to big business. This differentiation of roles will sound like a dream to a marketer, who is vying for the attention of highly informed and web-savvy consumers. The functional role of a marketer is more complex and challenging than ever before, but they can put their full focus on marketing with the convenience and efficiency of continued web support.

Better manage projects, milestones and be more efficient overall

Managed web services companies are very efficient at managing their time, tasks and capacities. After all, web services and development are their key day-to-day foci. Not part of your in-house team, a web-services company is free from internal corporate distractions and priorities. They don’t have other internal commitments to pull their focus away, so you won’t hear your developers say, “I don’t have time, because I’m doing something for IT right now.” Further, unlike an internal employee, web services companies aren’t put in the position where they have to turn down one client to address the needs of another. Their business is built on the model of efficiently servicing multiple clients on an ongoing and simultaneous basis.

Managed web services provide expertise at your fingertips

In addition to providing cost-effective and efficient service, managed web services companies provide first-class expertise. They employ a team of web-industry experts with varied skills so they can deliver on all web tasks. They also have recent experience working with other companies, so they can execute tasks with less trial and error and with greater insight into current trends and future functionality.

We have a team of web designers and developers ready to support you

An established web services company has provided ongoing web development and support over a number of years to multiple companies. By employing them, you have the assurance of high-quality work and communication. After all, to ensure that they retain their clients and grow through referrals, a quality web services company simply has to continuously do a great job for their consumers and with a high level of expertise. As opposed to single project-based needs, they focus on continued excellence and relationship management in order to retain your trust and business for years and years.

Managed web services focus on collaboration

As a marketer, you know that personalization drives engagement and conversion. An excellent web services company provides that same level of personalization to you. They set up regular communication, provide accountability for their work, collaborate to re-evaluate your needs and goals, and if necessary, educate you on web possibilities you did not know existed. A web services company works for you on an ongoing basis, contrary to a need-by-need basis. As such, they get to know your company, employees, products, and audience on an intimate basis. This personal relationship means that they can tailor web services to meet your company’s very specific needs and act as a trusted advisor when needed.

Communication, accountability, collaboration, and education.

Managed web services have all the tools to get the job done

By choosing managed web services, you elect for assistance that already has all the resources in place to provide results without wasting time and money developing these solutions on a case-by-case basis. To name a few, they already have the tools to design and develop your website, and provide technical support, Google analytics, and 24/7 website uptime monitoring. They can provide email marketing software and reporting, custom applications, and business system integrations. Further, a managed web services company has a standardized work flow, and all scripts, code and documentation are under source control. They adhere to best industry practices and importantly, they provide high-level security for your company’s information and assets. All of these available tools translate into results for you that are fast, easy, and secure.

We have all the resources in place to provide results without wasting time and money

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