Develop, Launch, Manage, and Iterate – Better – Faster

Eliminate Disintegrated and Time-Consuming Web Operations Processes

Bring advanced digital experiences to your audience more quickly and efficiently with web operations service offerings that provide one point of contact for all of your ongoing web operations needs.


Get the Web Operations Team You Need


You need a new website or your old site needs a refresh. And you need it now.

Your team doesn’t have the time or in-house skills to take a website from concept to reality in a compressed development cycle. Plus, you need to launch the site on a stable environment, and don’t want to worry about maintaining the site on an ongoing basis.


Marvel & Snap can be the web operations team you need to get your site up and running fast.

As an extension of your team, and under your direction, we will spearhead the development, launch, and ongoing management of your site — all for one set monthly fee.


Free up Your Marketing Team for Other Initiatives


You are happy with your current site, but maintaining it is taking up too much of your marketing team’s time.

Although your team is able to handle day-to-day requirements, the focus on and expertise needed with web tools, techniques, and best practices is difficult to maintain.


Marvel & Snap offers the web-focused knowledge and expertise needed to maintain your site, support your team’s online marketing efforts, and free up staff time for other projects.

We’ll migrate your site to our secure hosting environment, so that uptime and speed will never be a concern. We’ll fulfill requests for ongoing iterations to the website quickly. And we’ll ensure your site leverages the latest technologies and best practices to speed up delivery of new online initiatives — all for one set monthly fee.


Strengthen the Team You Have


Your in-house development team has its hands full, and the to-do list is always increasing.

The team you have is capable, but can use some extra strength to handle day-to-day development tasks. As project scopes increase, it’s unclear just how much ongoing development the in-house team can handle, and you’re not convinced hiring another team member is the most cost-effective solution.


Marvel & Snap can provide the extra strength your in-house team needs, cost effectively.

Under the direction of your web team, we will provide the agile resources needed to strengthen development processes, shorten development cycles, assist with maintenance, and enable continuous delivery of web services — all for one set monthly fee.

With Marvel & Snap, I know I have access to the latest skills for anything web-related.
— Steve Langford, VP of Marketing at Wesley Clover International

Get Worry-Free Web Operations

Develop, launch, manage, and iterate digital marketing assets faster. And bring advanced digital experiences to your audience more quickly and efficiently.

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